OTRS Translations Migrated to Transifex

In the past, contributing to OTRS translations was not very easy. One needed to know where to find the correct files (in the correct branch/version) to translate for OTRS or the various modules. The files needed to be sent to a mailing list and manually included into the source archives by OTRS developers.

Since OTRS 4, translation management was migrated to transifex, a great platform for online translation management. It is free for open source projects and translators.

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Since the migration to transifex 77 translators have joined and have been busy updating the existing translations and even adding a new one for Swahili, which will be released soon.

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Another very nice benefit is that all the different resources, even including the manuals, can now be viewed and translated by the different language teams in one central place.

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Translation itself happens in a very nice and powerful screen with filtering capabilites, suggestions and other nice features. From time to time, translations will be synchronized into the source repositories and published.

If you want to join the translation efforts, you can sign up for free at transifex and request to join a language team. Please note that from OTRS 4 on, translations will be managed exclusively via transifex.


Request Handling in security departments

OTRS is used in security departments and companies for long time due to the well documented code and some background in the CERT area.

In one of my recent projects the team wanted to simplify some of their processes additional to the main goals of the implemenation project. We decided to start with the authorization process for taking photos inside their business locations. Until now they had a paper based permission process.

So created a small process within OTRS. Now the customer can request a permission in the customer webinterface or by sending a mail to a special email address.

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Securing your ticket communication

The actual discussion on  possible unwanted readers of your mails shows the need to encrypt emails. OTRS has the possibility to sign and encrypt via S/MIME and PGP/GnuPG.

For enabling PGP only a few steps are needed. So this post shows how to setup PGP on your system.

Step 1 – Install GnPG

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OTRS migration to github is complete

Since we moved to github in February, the community response so far has been very good. Today I merged pull request #77! Several nice community contributed features found their way into OTRS 3.3, such as multiple backends support for CustomerCompany.

Last week we moved all the remaining content to github too: the OTRS ITSM packages as well as other public extension packages such as FAQ and Survey. This makes it possible to include community contributions for these modules in a very convenient way via pull requests.

Please see otrs.github.io for details. The CVS server at source.otrs.org is now in readonly mode and will be turned off at some point in the next weeks.

Translating the OTRS Admin Manual

UPDATE: Please note that since OTRS 4, translations are managed exclusively via transifex.

As you may know, the admin manual of OTRS can be translated. We currently have the English source version online at http://otrs.github.io/doc/manual/admin/3.3/en/html/. There are also German and Russian versions, but they are only partly translated and therefore not currently online.

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OTRS now on github

Last week, the OTRS source code, documentation and some utility modules have been migrated to git. We have updated the usage instructions on the website and in the
documentation. If you still find places with outdated information, please let us know. We also plan to migrate more modules in future.

All git content is hosted on an internal server that requires a user login. The OpenSource content is automatically published on github. There you can find all necessary instructions on how to checkout the sources, look at files and their history. It is also possible to monitor all che changes that happen via RSS feeds and notification emails. The changes in git will no longer appear on the existing “cvs-log” mailing list.

OTRS commit activity statistics

OTRS commit activity statistics

If you are interested, you can register on github, clone our public modules and send us the changes you make for inclusion in the main repositories via a so-called “Pull Request”. This makes OTRS better visible for developers and makes it easier to contribute to the product. After just a few days we already received 5 pull requests!