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Dear Reader,

My name is Shawn Beasley. I came to OTRS, as my first open source project, in 2004. In the mean time, I have done a service center implementation for the iITSM needs of the LH Systems Data Center for the Cargo Call Center network in the EUMA. We had a call center network consisiting of four CCs in three countries. After this project was done, and I had certified myself with the Linux Professional Institute – taking some hard learning knocks along the way – I moved on to more extensive work in researching and impleneting open-source tools for our business scenarios. In 2007, I officially moved to the OTRS project, and simultaneuosly to OTRS AG. I worked as a Senior Support Engineer and managed some key installations like, to name an example, the OTRS installation used by the Lufthansa and Wincor-Nixdorf.

After gaining more indepth experience, and working closely together with the core development team and professional cosulting team within OTRS AG, I have now moved on to play a vital roll in the management of our open-source community. I have taken this challenge because of my love for the product and the community surrounding it.

Additional Areas of Interest and Experience:

Network Topology and Monitoring

Network Security and Auditing

GGI Programming

Useabilitiy and interoperability of desktop system componets

Video / Music / Sreencast Authoring and Production

9 thoughts on “About: Shawn Beasley

  1. hello,
    A lot of tanks of your OTRS video tutorial, I have a small question: how we can add more field in our ticket template, and best regards.

  2. Hello thank you so much for OTRS video tutorial. Please can you help me about something. I installed ITMS package but i found no groups name or different kind of links in the Linked Object i don’t know why can you please help me,

  3. Hello I am Ken, I will surely admit I am newbie in OTRS. I just need to learn this and set this up properly for our company. My boss assigned me to do this and it seemed like there are lot of things I have to learn. But I don’t know where to start. I need a guide. Hope you can help me.

  4. I have created queues in the OTRS and I am an admin access to everything. But when I go under tickets and go to phone or email ticket, I can’t see any queues in the dropdown menu. Any way for me to fix this? If I go to Queues in the admin module all my queues are there.

  5. Hello, I’m Andrea from Italy; I need a help, please.
    I’m working with OTRS now.
    When a new ticket is created, a time-counter starts at that moment and goes on forever.
    I need to find a way to STOP time-counting as the ticket is closed, and RESTART it as the ticket is re-opened.
    I suppose I should modify something in OTRS config file system, but I can’t find where and how. I’m not expert with OTRS.
    Could someone give me some suggestions, please? Thank you.

  6. Please read the admin book (doc.otrs.org) or contact the OTRS group for getting professional support

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